Balancing work, family and well-being seem like a never-ending battle. Failed attempts at “miracle” diets and exercise programs “guaranteed to take inches off your waistline” leave so many feeling frustrated and out of control.

Think about the language we use. We have been “good” because we have been “eating clean.”  If we aren’t able to stick to “eating clean” or the diet of the day, guilt and shame set in and we give up. The vicious cycle of failure repeats its self once again.

We find ourselves using exercise as punishment for overeating taking the joy out of movement. When we can’t follow the “rules” or stick with the plan we blame ourselves for not succeeded and eventually give up.

My goal is to help you take charge of your health, get off the diet and exercise roller coaster and start living your best life.

As a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach and ASCM certified personal trainer, I am well versed in the evidence-based areas of well-being, physical activity, nutrition, weight, stress, and life satisfaction. I have an extensive background in health and fitness with over 20 years of experience.

Want to learn more about how coaching can help you live your best life? Send me an email: elizabeth@bestselfcoaching. com
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  1. I need to get help with my pain issues . . .

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